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Thank you for visiting our church, we welcome you with out-stretched arms.  It is our hope that your experience here is pleasant and that our site is simple and easy for you to navigate.

Here’s a simple explanation of our church in a nutshell.  We hope this explanation gives you an idea of who we are and our focus on ministry.

The Mount Calvary Church is meant to be very simple. Our focus is God’s Word, and His Word is featured in all we do.  

Here at Calvary you will find great people.  We are nice and super friendly.  We strive to create an environment where you can thrive as grow in God’s Word.

Our Bible Studies are the strong point of our church and we have many to choose from.  Check out our Word Menu and see what best fits you.  But here’s what we recommend you do first; go to the Growth Group page and fill out the form and press send.  Once you press SEND, a Growth Group leader will contact you and will help you work through this entire process.  A Growth Group leader will share some things with you that will help you make the right choice for you.


There are so many great church’s you can fellowship with.  Different church have different worship styles and preferences.  Different church place emphasis on different things.  Different church’s worship from different cultural influences that our often seen in worship.  Choosing the right church for you is what’s important for us.  Here’s a little guide line and help as you are your decision in choosing a church.

1.Never choose a church based on friendships.  Because your friend or friends go there doesn’t mean it’s the right church for you.
2.Never choose a church because it’s the popular spot to go at the time.  Because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s for you.
3.Never choose a church based on the “entertainment” factor.  Many church’s have an entertainment element to it.  The trick of the enemy is to keep you entertained and not fed.
4.Never choose a church because it’s convenient: It’s close to your house. Or, I can get a ride there.
5.Never choose a church that is personality driven.  That is to say:  A church where the Pastor overshadows the Lord Jesus. A church must be driven by the Word of God in order to take on the personality of Jesus and not anyone else.


Now that you know how not to choose a church, here are a few simple reasons as it relates to the biblical criterion for choosing a church.

1.Make choosing a church a matter of prayer. Ask God to help and lead you.
Read Matthew 6:33.
2.Choose a church based on the Word of God that goes forth. You must know the difference between a persons opinion, a persons thoughts and ideas, a person way of thinking and the Word of God. Read II Timothy 4:1-4.
3.Choose a church that brings about conviction to your heart.  Often times the Word of God has to hurt us before it helps us.  God’s Word convicts us and exposes our sins before God.  It is in this moment and at this point that we turn, change and are made better.  A church that makes you feel good but doesn’t convict you lacks.  
Read Luke 19:1-19
4.Choose a church that makes you surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you hear the Word, and not surrender, it will do you no good. Read. Act 16:30.
5.Choose a church where the Word of God is being cut straight. Read II Timothy 2:15.

We hope this presentation will help you as you choose a church.  We would love to have you worship and study with us.  But however, this may not be the church for you.  And if it’s not, that’s ok, We hope you find the fellowship that meets your needs and help you grow wherever you chose to be.

Let us know how we can further help you find the church that’s good for you.

Mount Calvary Church